We are so pleased with how our yard turned out! The transformation was absolutely incredible. Robb listens to what we wanted, and then supplied the expertise to make the yard of our dreams. From beginning to well after the end, our satisfaction was top priority. It is an oasis that capitalizes on relaxation, comfort, and beauty.


Robb Hile was recommended to me by Craig Miller, the City of Parker Water Efficiency Specialist. We worked out a 3 phase plan for our yard and I am so happy with Robb that I am planning on him doing all 3 phases. Robb and Ariel did a great job. It is beautiful and it was done in such a way as to last for years. They brought in sufficient amendment to the soil that the grass and plants will grow well (I am on mostly clay). They roto-tilled good soil in to a depth of 8 inches, as opposed to the builders who put 1/4 inch of good soil on top, raked it in a little bit. Robb uses quality materials and does not skimp. There was no costs changed once I gave the go-ahead, and Robb was happy to break down the costs so we could determine what we could do for each phase. It was nice to have Robb check up on Ariel's crew because he made them do extra stuff that I did not know to ask for (like more amendment, or move that rock, or adjust that curve). Ariel's crew were cheerful and worked hard. They brought Robb's designs to life. Everyone was wonderful to work with. I am very satisfied.


I actually got Robb's name from a guy who does a fair amount of speaking at Tagawa Gardens... he told me, "Robb gets it." Indeed he does. We are doing the install ourselves, and because Robb has a lot of personal experience with install, he can anticipate potential problems, and help keep you from doing something that won't work or be a mess down the road. I think he's head and shoulders above most anyone. Simply put, the guy is awesome; a real professional.